AquaMaster4 Mobile Comms

December 8, 2021

ABB’s AquaMaster4 Mobile Comms flowmeter is world’s first electromagnetic flowmeter with bidirectional connectivity to power intelligent water loss management. With AquaMaster4 Mobile Comms, ABB presents the latest wireless solution for continuous flow measurement, the logging of accurate data and communication of information that is critical for today’s water management. With its superior connectivity on 4G-LTE and NB-IoT networks, the AquaMaster4 electromagnetic flowmeter enables 60 percent lower power consumption, identifying leaks ten times faster than the market standard. As the world’s first electromagnetic flowmeter with bidirectional connectivity, AquaMaster4 Mobile Comms provides near-real time data used for intelligent water management. Operators can be hundreds of miles away and read values from the device remotely, giving them access to manage the device and their operations wherever they are located and at any time. Historical logged values of pressure, flowrate, alarms, battery life, and activity record can also be retrieved remotely. The enhanced flowmeter is also unique in its ability to identify low-flow nighttime leaks that would otherwise be undetected. The superior accuracy and connectedness offers increased measurement and billing confidence. By using high speed, low-cost mobile data accessible via an internal SIM card connected to a mobile network, the new flowmeter provides an adaptable and agile solution for deployment from virtually any location.

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