ARIA Series electrically actuated, modulating, globe control valves

May 16, 2022

By Al Gunnarson, VP of Sales and Marketing Warren Controls, Inc. Maintaining complex systems in the OEM industry can oftentimes be a challenge, particularly when something goes wrong that causes automatic systems to leak. This not only creates burdensome operational downtime, it drains economic resources — lost time means lost money. Historically OEMs have relied on control valves that are pneumatically actuated. But these systems have their drawbacks even when they do not require costly maintenance, with lags in fluctuation response time and hazards that are built into the pneumatic technology itself. To solve common challenges, the industry standard is rapidly moving towards electrically actuated, modulating globe control valves. Warren Controls, a leading manufacturer of control valves and specialty fluid handling products, has taken a noteworthy step forward in the market for novel actuation solutions with their ARIA Series of electrically actuated, modulating, globe control valves. Warren Controls entered into a research and development initiative spanning several years, specifically to resolve issues faced by the steam fired instantaneous water heater markets. The valves are ideally suited for challenging, modulating, industrial processes that require electric actuation with the actuation speed and reliability of pneumatics. The ARIA series takes over and offers many features, including galvanically isolated control and feedback, solving a number of problems.

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