CL25 Series Oldham coupling

Candy Controls January 6, 2022

Traditional Oldham couplings consist of two toothed aluminum hubs connected to an elastomer rubber center disc. They are perfect for accommodating high amounts of parallel misalignment and axial misalignment in high torque transmission applications and have zero backlash. Stainless steel hubs and a copper insert provide several advantages over the classic aluminum and rubber design. They offer the same simple configuration which makes it easy to assemble, but the higher durability of the center disc greatly reduces wear, allowing the coupling to maintain zero backlash for a longer period of time compared to rubber. Although the rubber insert works well with greater parallel misalignment and higher speeds, the stainless steel and copper design leans more toward high torque operations that require excellent torsional stiffness and response and lower speeds. Because it can be easily washed down, the stainless steel and copper design lends itself to applications where there are frequent and intensive machine cleaning processes. It’s perfect for the food and beverage and medical industries.

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