Digital lifecycle solutions for reliability and sustainability goals

Control Station January 31, 2024

Control Station has expanded its client services capabilities with the rollout of digital lifecycle solutions (DLS). The company is widely recognized as a leader in process analytic and optimization solutions. With the introduction of its DLS offerings, Control Station now empowers licensees of its award-winning products to maximize the value of their technology investments and to achieve their reliability and sustainability goals. Control Station users located in over 70 countries—and growing—are already familiar with the company’s PlantESP control loop performance monitoring (CLPM) solution and its capabilities for both monitoring operating conditions and suggesting optimal tuning values. The new DLS offerings build upon application services previously delivered to licensees of the PlantESP solution. Developed to align with different stages of a manufacturer’s operational journey, the enhanced services leverage PlantESP’s comprehensive PID control loop analytics to proactively analyze asset performance on a plant- or an enterprise-wide basis, apply advanced forensic and state-based analytics, and capitalize on intelligence captured by other on-premises and cloud-based computing and visualization platforms.

Users of advanced application technologies often struggle to capture the full potential of their investment due to a lack of training, overextended personnel, or other issues.

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