DLynx III PoL DC/DC Converters

ABB Power Conversion March 7, 2023

The digital DLynx III power modules are easy to use, highly configurable non-isolated DC-DC converters that can deliver up to 320A of output current with a master/satellite configuration.

The DLynx III product family includes 40-, 80-, 120-, and 160-amp (A) master DC/DC converters as well as 40A and 160A satellite modules. The master DC/DC converters can be used as standalone POL modules or can be used in tandem with satellites modules. When used together, the master and satellite modules can be deployed in higher-powered single-output configurations to meet growing board-level power requirements and power density demands or in dual-output configurations to power components with differing output voltage requirements.

DLynx III master modules feature an integrated digital multi-phase buck controller that regulates the functionality of both the master module and any paired satellites — allowing satellite modules to function without their own dedicated controllers. This results in smaller footprints than traditional modular DC/DC converters and reduced overall power footprints on printed circuit boards. It helps improve design flexibility and enables satellite modules to be placed closer to loads. The reduced distances between components and power infrastructure can help mitigate i2r losses on long traces, increasing efficiency, reliability, and performance. The modules can be placed in various locations and orientations on the board, further enhancing design flexibility.

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