E-Xtreme Series Enclosures

Mencom Corporation January 9, 2023

Mencom introduces E-Xtreme rectangular connectors series engineered to withstand those extremely demanding environments by combining anti-corrosion aluminum with a patented ‘titanium plasma’ coating. This extraordinary protective coating assures a high level of protection against UV radiations, a wide temperature range (-40 to 125°C or -60 to 180°C with silicone gasket), and stone chips. Plus, the coating provides protection against harsh chemicals such as cleaning fluids, anti-freezing fluids, mineral/synthetic oils, cooling fluids, and diesel fuel. The E-Xtreme enclosures passed 3,000 hours of salt spray tests so they are incredibly resistant to long-term exposure to salt mist.

There are two types of levers available for the E-Xtreme series enclosures. The standard C-type lever is made of a stainless-steel frame and polyamide handle, and it provides an IP65/IP66 protection degree. The E-Xtreme enclosures with the C-type lever are ideal for environments with salt mist, ultraviolet rays, corrosive chemicals, and frequent mating. The V-type lever is ideal for environments with higher humidity levels, lower temperatures with ice, and salt mist because it provides better waterproofing with IP66/IP67 protection rating thanks to its vertical closing movement. Also, the V-type lever is also more resistant to shocks, fire, and chemicals because the lever is made of full stainless steel without using any plastic components.

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