E58 Series M30 Harsh Duty Photoelectric Sensors

AutomationDirect July 20, 2022

AutomationDirect has added new M30 harsh duty photoelectric sensors from Eaton. The Eaton E58 series are among the most rugged and best-sealed photoelectric sensors on the market. Their stainless steel, PVDF, and tempered glass components are mechanically assembled using Vitron seals to ensure resistance to chemicals and moisture intrusion. The E58 photoelectric sensors are available in diffuse reflective with background suppression, retroreflective, polarized reflective, and through-beam models. Through-beam models boast an impressive 250 m (800 ft) sensing range, and all models offer incredible excess gain, allowing them to function in heavily contaminated applications. Eaton E58 series sensors offer light-on or dark-on operation, are available with solid state relay or NPN/PNP outputs, and are UL listed, CE marked, and RoHS compliant.

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