Electronic flow control for compressed air

October 18, 2023

Compressed air is often referred to as one of the major utilities in most manufacturing facilities due to the cost to generate it. A major benefit to utilizing compressed air is the speed at which it can be shut off and re-energized for use – in fact, this can be done instantaneously. Shutting down the supply of compressed air to an application while it is not needed can drastically reduce the compressed air consumption of the process over time. This is an easy tactic that can produce significant savings for your process and your facility, even if you have high efficiency pneumatic equipment installed, this can still garner notable savings.

Think about an application where compressed air is being used for blow off or conveying or static elimination where there are spaces between the parts or dwell times in conveyor travel or the process. What about break times, do operators continue to keep the air on when they leave for a break or clear a jam, replace a pallet or even worse, leave for the day? There are many ways to shut the compressed air off, ranging from a simple ball valve and all the way up to a PLC system utilizing optics to locate parts and turn that air source on and off based on target position.


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