EMR series high thrust electric actuator cylinders

July 21, 2023

The EMR series electric actuator cylinder provides a thrust of up to 47600N and a stroke of 1600mm. It can also maintain the high precision of the servo motor and ball screw drive, and the repeat positioning accuracy can reach ±0.02mm. You only need to set and modify PLC parameters to complete precise push rod motion control. With its unique structure, the EMR electric actuator can work in complex environments. Its high power density, high transmission efficiency and long service life provide customers with a more economical solution for linear motion of the push rod, and it is easy to maintain. Only regular grease lubrication is required, saving a lot of maintenance costs.

EMR series electric actuator cylinders can be flexibly matched with various installation configurations and connectors, and provide a variety of motor installation directions, which can be used for robotic arms, multi-axis motion platforms and various automation applications.

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