Flip Flop Screen Mat

Shijiazhuang Huatao Import And Export Trade Co.,Ltd June 21, 2022

Usage Applications: Iron ore at 6mm with 15% moisture Raw sand at 3mm with 6% moisture Compost at 10mm with 50% moisture Slag at 3mm with 10% moisture Salt at 3 mm with 5 % moisture Coke at 3mm with 20% moisture Lignite at 6mm with 50% moisture Coal at 6mm with 18% moisture Limestone at 3mm with 20% moisture Pet coke at 3mm with 18% moisture Plus other hard to screen materials like Wood Chips, Bamboo Chips, Washery Waste, Building Rubble, Soil, Plastic, Auto Parts etc. Description:Polyurethane Flip Flop Screen Mats have been in operation for decades for screening of moist or humid materials. Made from highly resilient polyurethane elastomer, these filp flow mats withstand deformation without loss of elasticity or dimensional accuracy. They are designed both for bolting and clamping systems, so to fit all screen decks worldwide with no distinction depending on machine brand, deck dimensions and installation characteristics. Panel size: Length & Width & Thickness are custom designed Aperture size: 3~32mmAperture shape: Square, Rectangle, Slot, Circular Polyurethane Flip Flop Screen Mats offered make use of quality elastomers that guarantees highest performance support as demanded by the customers. Being used for applications involving screening moist or humid materials, these are also suitable for screening of products material like wood chips, building rubble, plastic and others and can also be custom developed as specified by the customers. These are suitable for scree

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