Hazardous location position sensors ensure accurate valve position in chemical plants

August 17, 2023

Major chemical companies are using hazardous location position sensors from NewTek Sensor Solutions to monitor the state of different valves throughout their plants as part of process safety and efficiency management.

Chemical plants using potentially explosive substances in their processes utilize different valves to control flow. Operators constantly monitor valve performance to determine if they are operating to specifications for optimal efficiencies.  NewTek HL-750 series of intrinsically safe position sensors monitor valve position in the harsh and hazardous environments of chemical plants, providing highly accurate displacement feedback to determine if valves are properly opened/closed, leaking or have failed.

Certified for use in Class 1, Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2 locations, the AC-operated position sensors operate safely and accurately in hazardous locations with flammable or ignitable liquids and gases. The base and raw material chemicals manufactured by chemical plants can affect the performance of sensors not constructed for operation in harsh conditions.  A stainless-steel construction and a ¾ inch hermetically seal make the HL-750 series of LVDTs robust to operate reliably in hazardous and explosive environments. The sensors also are Intertek approved and hold an ETL mark that certifies their use in hazardous locations throughout North America.

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