Intelligence Hub Version 3.1

May 25, 2023

Enabling better and faster business decisions using advanced analytics and the cloud to deliver Industry 4.0 and digital transformation requires access to clean, contextualized, and usable industrial information at scale. However, industrial information networks are expanding to encompass more sensors, devices, and systems, and this expansion is overloading the existing data systems, infrastructure, and business processes.

HighByte Intelligence Hub version is leading the Industrial DataOps market with its focus on data contextualization and systems integration at scale. The solution supports open standards and provides operational technology (OT) teams the flexibility to merge, prepare, and deliver industrial information to IT, data scientists, and line of business stakeholders across the enterprise and supply chain.

HighByte Intelligence Hub version 3.1 focuses on greater scalability, data governance, and accessibility and refines existing and introduces new Industrial DataOps capabilities. The release includes a new REST Data Server that exposes HighByte Intelligence Hub and its underlying connection as an API, granular configuration import/export, external model/instance/template interfaces for accelerating configuration, integration with AWS’s Industrial Data Fabric (IDF) offering via the new Element Unify connector, greater interoperability with AVEVA PI System and new file connection support for securely interfacing with FTP servers.

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