Sentinel 5.0

November 1, 2022

The Mission Secure Sentinel 5.0 platform provides dynamic, context-aware cybersecurity policy monitoring and enforcement for operational technology systems. It enables granular implementation of access policies from the physical signal all the way to the cloud, allowing operators to define and enforce granular policies based on a wide range of inputs, including the actual digital or analog signal generated by physical devices, network traffic, attempted remote access, asset firmware versions and vulnerabilities,  

The platform’s core component is a fine-grained policy engine that enables highly sophisticated, OT-specific workflows by:

·        Creating access control policies to define the conditions under which users or applications can send commands to an industrial device.

·        Identifying firmware state and vulnerabilities, as well as limiting access to only fully-patched systems.

·        Alerting and acting on anomalies in physical signals, and isolating systems that show abnormal behavior.

·        Supporting root cause analysis by correlating network events with sensor outputs.


The Sentinel 5.0 platform augments its cybersecurity policy enforcement capabilities with passive monitoring, asset discovery, and alerting, making it a fully-integrated, comprehensive cybersecurity solution.


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