Oxyhound process gas analyzer

May 20, 2024

KECO introduces the OXYHOUND, a highly-efficient process gas analyzer that conducts real-time and continuous oxygen analysis of natural gas, biogas, and other gas streams. Utilizing optical quench luminescence technology for gaseous sampling, this cost-effective analyzer conducts precise oxygen measurements in a gaseous phase (ppmv and % on a molar basis) with no cross-sensitivity with CO2, H2S, NH3 or SO2, sulfate or other ionic species.

The technology of the OXYHOUND is based on the phase modulation of an oxygen-specific luminophore’s luminescent decay time, which enables accurate calculation of oxygen’s partial pressure. The oxygen analyzer measures the phase shift and intensity variation between the excitation light and the fluorescent response. From these measurements, the analyzer’s onboard computer precisely calculates oxygen in real time.

With a user-friendly and low-maintenance design, the OXYHOUND eliminates the need for electrolyte changes or membrane maintenance. Utilizing KECO Cloud Connect, users can remotely monitor the analyzer on any web-connected device using LTE-M. These features as well as its versatility to work as an O2 analyzer or oxygen meter (data logger) make the OXYHOUND an ideal replacement over older technologies like paramagnetic analyzers, electrochemical cells, and in some instances, zirconia and Tunable Diode Laser (TDL)

Built for Division 2 and Zone 2 hazardous locations, the OxyHound operates in a range of environments with contaminant

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