PROmesh P10X | IP67 10-Port PROFINET and EtherNet/IP Managed Switch with Integrated Online Cable Diagnostics 114110210

InduSol America, LLC August 1, 2022

The “network guardian” outside the control cabinet.


Specifically designed for use outside of control cabinets, the PROmesh P10X offers high network performance and diagnostics in just one device. Due to its IP67 classification, this industrial switch can be mounted and used directly in harsh industrial environments.


The integrated online cable diagnostics provide physical, permanent monitoring, allowing damaged data lines to be detected before the operation is impaired. A well-founded statement about the “wear reserve” of the network is possible at any time – without interrupting the system operation. With this knowledge, maintenance measures become easier to plan.


Online cable diagnostics (during operation)


– Detect and rectify line-based defects at an early stage


The PROmesh P10X brings innovative online cable diagnostics into the IP67 range of your systems and machines, making it possible to visualize the physical wear of your network cables permanently. Achieved by a complex evaluation system that compares the current value of connected data cables with a set value corresponding to the cable length. The determined quality value (“Q-value”) is indicated clearly for each port.


Unlike other cable testers, the PROmesh P10X performs the cable diagnosis continuously and during ongoing system operation. The innovative online cable diagnosis combined with the powerful industrial switch (IP67) makes this possible. Thanks to this permanent monitoring, critical cable condition

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