PROmesh P12 PoE | 12-Port Power-over-Ethernet Managed Switch 114110250

November 1, 2022

Managed Industrial Switches for high performance network communication

The PROmesh P12 PoE is a fully-managed Industrial Ethernet switch for use in industrial automation systems. You can configure it easily and conveniently via its integrated web interface. Due to the extended temperature range, the PROmesh P12 PoE can also be used in locations subject to high thermal loads. Deployment at the center of your network thanks to high-speed of up to 2.5 Gbit/s and further scalability thanks to link sggregation.

The PROmesh Basic Line

PROFINET certified according to conformance class B & GSDML file. Ethernet/IP certified with ESD file. Performance-oriented industrial switch technology. Ready for future-oriented demands on the increasing data volume in machine/hall networks that are becoming more and more complex. Integrated web interface with full switch management – even without additional software

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