PROmesh P20 | 20-Port PROFINET Managed IE Switch with Leakage Current Monitoring 114110022

InduSol America, LLC September 1, 2021

The only Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch with Diagnostics and Leakage Current Monitoring to reduce network failures and machine downtime


Our managed switch PROmesh P20 has best-in-class network performance and diagnostic features for Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP and PROFINET, providing the most helpful information.


Discards and errors are usually caused by very short peaks. If the network load was only observed in the range of seconds or even minutes, then these load peaks could not be displayed, and a potential error might be overlooked. For diagnostic purposes, especially with regard to Industry 4.0, capturing the network limit in the millisecond range is therefore invaluable.


The PROmesh P20 can be adapted especially to your needs and individually to the network. In this way you are immediately informed about changes in your network if necessary:

  • Number of error telegrams
  • Number of discards
  • Level of network load
  • Correct port allocation
  • Level of leakage current


Due to increasing networking, new demands are being made on data security and access rights. This is why the PROmesh P20 has a router function. A Layer 3 port allows you to separate devices connected to the switch from the rest of the network. If required, individual connections to the higher-level network can be permitted.


SFP slots offer you an additional level of flexibility. The free slots can be occupied by the SFP modules. Such SFP modules are available in a wide variety of copper and optical fiber versions.

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