Series 823 M12-L Panel Mount Connector

binder USA September 1, 2022

binder USA expanded its M12 portfolio to include panel mount connectors with L-coding and dip solder contacts. As part of binder’s 823 series, this compact connector is used for hand soldering, wave soldering, and reflow soldering on printed circuit boards (PCBs). The M12-L is a space-saving alternative to the 7/8-inch connectors typically used in power supply, making it ideal for Industrial Ethernet applications in the PROFINET environment. When mated, the connector offers IP68-level protection, and is suitable for both front and rear panel mounting.binder’s 823 series is especially well suited to the assembly/disassembly of PCBs. Two-piece male and female connectors with separate mounting body and socket housing. This allows soldering to be done without the housing, significantly reducing the stress load on both components and helping to eliminate this as a source of failure.

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