Ewellix March 9, 2022

Smart X is an intelligent digital platform which underpins a new and advanced generation of linear motion solutions.The SmartX platform has been designed to help engineers develop motion, robotic and automation systems that offer far greater levels of intelligence, connectivity and adaptability than are achievable from existing equipment. The platform allows a range of sensors to be easily integrated. The new generation of SmartX linear motion products has intelligent digital control and sensor and communication technologies integrated within the standard product envelope. A SmartX linear motion device will typically feature a dedicated, twin-CPU controller, with onboard software, electronics and internal and external bus connections. This makes programming, setup and subsequent adjustments to operating parameters quick and simple, while the twin-CPU configuration provides 100% redundancy. It also enables safety, measurement and control functions to be embedded to improve overall performance still further. The SmartX platform and products are ideal for a wide range of applications.

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