Sparkplug Compatible RANGER Transmitter

March 6, 2023

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry, a manufacturer of industrial wireless telemetry products, is proud to announce that their RANGER transmitter is the world’s first field device to be certified by the Eclipse Foundation, Inc. as officially “Sparkplug Compatible.” This designation is important to companies around the globe who use MQTT and Sparkplug to build their Industrial Automation Systems as they can now seamlessly integrate their IIoT devices without extensive testing.

“When designing wireless solutions, we focus on long battery life, robust connectivity, and simplicity in data integration. SparkPlug was a no brainer when creating the RANGER platform as it compresses the data and standardizes the payload of the data moved back and forth with MQTT protocol,” says Sandro Esposito, SignalFire VP Sales & Marketing.

SignalFire joined the Eclipse Sparkplug Working Group in 2021, recognizing early that MQTT was quickly becoming the ‘de facto’ standard for messaging transport in the industrial sector, and Sparkplug would be an easy-to-use, open-source protocol for MQTT with plug-and-play simplicity. To be included in the Sparkplug Compatibility Program, products must pass an open-source series of tests that validate conformance to the specification. These tests are based on the Sparkplug Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK).

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