StructureScan Pro

GSSI July 18, 2022

GSSI’s ground penetrating radar systems are designed to help you expand your business and save you time and money. The StructureScan Pro is GSSI’s premium, versatile concrete inspection system. This system is based on the SIR 4000 controller with two high-frequency antenna options that are perfect for concrete scanners who want to expand into more applications. StructureScan Pro locates rebar, post-tension cables, or conduits in concrete prior to concrete cutting or any other destructive procedures. The SIR 4000 offers greater flexibility for using the controller in concrete construction industry applications, allowing 2D and 3D data collection. The intuitive data visualization on the 3D module includes the ability to slice through each data layer. Additional features include multiple color themes and save image functionality.The SIR 4000 enables the option of on-the-fly automatic gain to better enhance the data display, while still saving the file in the original raw format for post processing. Fully integrated, the SIR 4000 provides a 10.4 inch high definition LED display, a simple user interface, and plug-and-play GPS integration. The SIR 4000 is designed with a number of exclusive features, including a cast aluminum chassis that offers superior temperature stability, and an impact-resistant design that is fully IP 65 rated and can withstand tough jobsite conditions.

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