Swinghandle with combination lock and key cylinder

April 25, 2022

Multi-factor authentication for equipment locking is a growing demand in securing access to industrial enclosures and cabinets, so this new swinghandle introduction from experts FDB Panel Fittings is a welcome new offering. It provides the benefits of two factor mechanical authorisation, along with IP65 sealing protection for installations where extra security is required. This could suit small server racks or other data and machine control installations in industrial situations where the added level of security can be gained simply and quickly at lower cost than equivalent electronic products. The DIRAK combination swinghandle is designed for wall mounting enclosures and free standing cabinets (or suites of cabinets) and is convenient to use since it incorporates both a 3-digit combination lock and a profile key cylinder in a standard swinghandle footprint. Fitment is quick and simple using the common 50mmx25mm cutout for LH or RH installation in doors of 1.5mm to 2.5mm thickness. The swinghandle configuration ensures that a low profile is achieved to minimise protrusion in narrow corridors so reducing the risk of catching on clothing while presenting a much-reduced opportunity for unauthorised opening.

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