GCB Belt-driven, single axis robot

July 20, 2023

If you want to use linear motion modules with high travel and high speed in a dust-free environment, GCB series linear actuator from TPA ROBOT may be suitable for you. Different from the GCR series, the GCB series uses belt-driven sliders and is widely used in dispensing machines, gluing machines, automatic screw locking machines, transplanting robots, 3D angling machines, laser cutting, spraying machines, punching machines, small CNC machines, engraving and milling machines, sample plotters, cutting machines and load transfer machines.

The GCB series linear actuator also offers up to eight motor mounting options. Combined with its smaller size and weight, it can be assembled into Cartesian robots and gantry robots at will, allowing for endless automation system possibilities. And the GCB series can be directly filled with oil from the oil filling nozzles on both sides of the sliding table, without removing the cover.

Features include:

  • Repeated Positioning Accuracy: ±0.04mm

  • Max Payload(Horizontal): 25kg

  • Stroke: 50 – 1700mm

  • Max Speed: 3600mm/s

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