High speed linear actuators, cleanroom belt driven linear actuator

TPA Robot September 7, 2023

The OCB series belt driven linear module adopts an integrated design combining servo motor and belt with fully enclosed design, which converts the rotary motion of the servo motor into linear motion, precisely controls the speed, position, and thrust of the slider, and realizes high precision automatic control.

Profile design: The finite element stress analysis is used in the profile design to simulate the stiffness and structural stability of the profile. Reducing the weight of the profile body, with strong actual bearing capacity and humanized design.

Auxiliary guide rail: When the vertical and lateral loads are large, without changing the width and structure of the module, an auxiliary guide rail is installed on the side of the module to strengthen the strength of the lateral moment module, and increase the strength and motion stability of the module.

Maintainance: Both sides of the slider can be centrally oiled, and there is no need to disassemble the belt and steel belt, thus reducing the maintenance cost of customers.

Install: Easy to install, three sides of the actuator are designed with slider nut slots, optional installation on any three sides.

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