X-400 web-enabled modular industrial I/O controller

ControlByWeb June 4, 2018

The X-400 is a powerful web-enabled industrial I/O controller with advanced logic and modular expansion capabilities. Program the X-400 by using its web-page-based, no-code logic task builder or by writing a BASIC script. Find the custom I/O configuration you need by simply attaching I/O expansion modules to its expansion bus, or seamlessly share I/O on other ControlByWeb devices over the Ethernet network. Expansion modules are directly connected via a ribbon cable expansion bus – allowing up to 32 expansion modules (X-11s, X-12s, X-13s, etc.) to be connected directly to the X-400 without the need for an Ethernet switch. Various expansion modules are available with relays, digital inputs, thermocouples, analog inputs, etc. All expansion modules available for the X-600M can also be used with the X-400 controller.

Peer-to-peer communication

The X-400 can also seamlessly communicate and share I/O with any other X-400 series modules (X-410, X-418, etc.) through the TCP/IP network. This remote I/O can be used by the X-400 for any function and works the same as if the I/O was directly connected to the X-400 controller.

Built-in web server

Users can operate the X-400 using a web browser, the CBW Mobile app, or custom applications written for a computer, PLC, or other automation controller.

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