Pump Control: Pump Examples; Sense and Predict Failures

Pumps designs vary widely, and motors connect to pumps in different ways. Contactors, soft starters, and drives offer various advantages, such as helping prevent failures and sensing pending failures. A quiz is available after the video; a certificate of completion is available after the series.

Long-time automation trainer Doug Bell, Interconnecting Automation, covers the basics with Eaton Corporation’s Kevin Trimmer, product manager for motor protection, and Tom Neuberger, product manager for variable frequency drives and soft starters. Sponsored by Eaton Corporation; produced by CFE Media publications, Control Engineering, Plant Engineering, and Consulting-Specifying Engineer, to be noncommercial and educational. Runtime is approximately 6 minutes.


- Lovejoy is a Lovejoy Inc. registered trademark for a coupling used in pumps, gear boxes, compressors, blowers, mixers, and conveyors; www.lovejoy-inc.com.

- Type C Face is a NEMA standard motor connection; www.nema.org.

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