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Research June 4, 2002

Control Engineering’s Process Control Newsletter for November 2000

In this issue: The ‘Digital Divide’ Ten vendors receive EPA/ETV verification PID control information sources November in Control Engineering Dave’s public service announcement The ‘Digital Divide’ In 1880 president James Garfield said, ‘Next in importance to freedom and justice is popular education, without which neither freedom nor justice can be permanently maintained.’ Education is at the forefront of many discussions today, and many claim the Internet, with its nearly instant access to a wealth of information, is key to improving education to the masses. But many forget, if you can’t afford Internet access to the information, it doesn’t exist. In some parts of the country, access might be available through libraries, schools, colleges, universities, and other public outlets, but in each example a variety of restrictions apply. Michael Fleisher, ceo of Gartner Group (Sanford, Conn.), says, ‘What is being created is a ‘Digital Divide’ between those who can afford access and those who can’t and unless we address it, the repercussions could last through future generations.

By Dave Harrold
Research January 2, 2002

IEEE salary survey: experienced women in high-tech jobs earn more than men

Washington, D.C. - Professional women with 20-29 years of experience in electronic technology and information technology fields have higher median incomes than men with similar levels of experience, according to the IEEE-USA's 2001 Salary & Fringe Benefit Survey released Dec. 28, 2001.

By Jim Montague, news editor
Research January 1, 2002

Look out, 2002

Categorizing automation, control, and instrumentation technologies has become increasingly difficult. Products fit into more than one area. Systems and devices incorporate multiple technologies. Discrete, process, and batch applications each contain elements of the others. Software and networks connect it all.

By Mark T. Hoske
Research August 1, 2001 launches open controls lab Inc. opened on July 16 its Open Controls Laboratory, an independent testing facility dedicated to advancing interoperability in industrial controls. Located at's headquarters, the lab will test, characterize, and integrate open control products from suppliers to assess their ability to operate together in an open control environment.

By Saff
Research December 1, 2000

MCAA salary, benefits survey shows pay, incentive increases

Salaries rose only slightly, but increased almost across the board. Incentive pay shot up in a few job categories, but spiraled down in others—indicating that area's comparatively greater volatility. These were two primary results of the "2000 Salary Survey" of 4,527 employees at 57 process measurement and control firms published by the Measurement, Control & Automation Associat...

By Staff
Research June 1, 2000

Real-time measurement, control aids clutch, converter manufacturing

Testing requirements that include control of multiple test stands and real-time data acquisition are integral to manufacturing clutches and torque converters for the automotive and trucking industries at LuK Inc. (Wooster, O.). Clutch materials and designs are evaluated during product research, development, and production, where speed and torque readings are used to calculate friction coe...

By Jeff Johnson, LuK Inc.
Research August 1, 1999

Getting down and dirty: Product research about discrete sensor trends

Control Engineering product research shows discrete sensors are getting smaller and easier to setup, and they can include short-circuit protection. Sensors need to detect transparent objects, differentiate between the object and background, detect flaws in microcomponents, automatically adjust to changing conditions. See charts.

By Michael Drakulich, assistant editor
Research November 1, 1998

Cahners offers wealth of online information

Cahners Business Information offers a gamut of useful web sites to those who work in control engineering.The main web site for readers of Control Engineering and Control Engineering International is Among other features, the reader can search for current and back issues or a specific topic.

By Lara Jackson, Editorial Assistant