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Core configurations for accelerated test systems

National Instruments' (NI) ATE Core Configurations are designed to deliver core mechanical, power,... » more

Ruggedized dc/dc converter for harsh environments

Traco Power's THN 15WIR family of ruggedized dc/dc converters are designed for harsh environments... » more

Scientists develop method to control water movement

MIT engineers have developed a method to control the way water moves over a surface using only... » more

Graphene used to create cheaper semiconductor wafers

MIT engineers have developed a technique to reduce the overall cost of wafer technology by using... » more

Rackmount server with dual-protection

Acrosser Technology's ANR-C236N1 is a 1U rackmount server with a dual-protection feature that is...

Researchers are ironing out graphene's wrinkles

Engineers have developed a method to make graphene, touted as a potential successor to silicon,... » more

Ventilator kits for electrical enclosure applications

Allied Moulded has expanded its line of premium enclosure accessories with NEMA 4X ventilator kits... » more

Energy and fourth industrial revolution happening at same time

Ulrich Spiesshofer, chief executive of ABB, said the fourth industrial revolution and the energy... » more

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Core configurations for accelerated test systems

National Instruments' (NI) ATE Core Configurations are designed to deliver core mechanical, power, and safety infrastructure to help users accelerate the design and build of automated test systems. » more

Polycarbonate enclosure series

AutomationDirect's Integra polycarbonate enclosure premium series of screw-cover wall mount enclosures are engineered for durability and impact resistance, UV stability, chemical resistance, and have a wide operating temperature... » more

Flexible control power cable for turbine, piping applications

Helukabel's Traycontrol X is a NFPA 79 compliant flexible control power cable that can be installed in dry, humid and damp environments, in pipes, underground, and for open, unprotected installation within the turbine.

Tower-configured UPS for protecting equipment

Falcon Electric's 700 VA to 3 kVA tower-configured SC UPS are designed to protect IT/IoT equipment, telecommunications, servers, security systems, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and other power-sensitive electronic...

Power quality and motor analyzer

The Fluke 438-II Power Quality and Motor Analyzer is designed to analyze three-phase power quality measurements and can calculate motor output torque, speed, horsepower, and efficiency. » more


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Signaling considerations for control system migrations

Not every analog field instrument can be wired to... » more

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