Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency August 8, 2018

Crude oil prices expected to decrease from recent highs

The EIA reports that oil prices are expected to drop from recent highs by the end of 2018 due to higher production from OPEC and Russia.

Energy Efficiency July 7, 2018

Smarter energy monitoring with predictive maintenance, IoT solutions

Advanced power measurement is in widespread use in controls engineering to save energy and classify machine behaviors by using predictive maintenance and Internet of Things (IoT) tools to reduce costs and boost operating efficiency of equipment.

By Sree Potluri, Beckhoff Automation
Energy Efficiency July 6, 2018

Cooling high-power VFD cabinets in harsh environments

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) have many benefits and it’s critical to explore strategies to achieve maximum efficiency.

By Scott Garner, Devin Pellicone, and Richard Bonner, Advanced Cooling Technologies
Energy Efficiency June 22, 2018

Local data center can serve a local cloud

Technology Update: Smart data management may include keeping a data center on location as part of a cybersecurity strategy, for manufacturers, aviation, defense, and other applications. An example shows how.

By Keith Petoske, Future Tech Enterprise Inc.
Energy Efficiency June 8, 2018

Case study: IIoT effectiveness on the plant floor

Create and collect machine and sensor data to augment overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and determine machine efficiency.

By Lindsey Kielmeyer, MartinCSI
Energy Efficiency June 6, 2018

Project roundtable: Automation and controls

Case studies in oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and water-wastewater applications offer advice in control system integration, automation upgrades, and project management.

By N.James, Burrow Global; R.Pflum, Automation Plus; J.Palazuelos, ECN Automation
Energy Efficiency May 14, 2018

Secure circuit protection

Power reliability: Push-in fuse terminal blocks provide short-circuit protection; seven design considerations can help your next implementation.

By Alan Sappe’, Cory Myer, Moritz Krink, Phoenix Contact
Energy Efficiency May 13, 2018

Power systems engineers help facility managers

Power systems engineers (PSEs) can identify faults and optimize electrical systems in facilities.

By Eddie Jones, PE, Schneider Electric
Energy Efficiency April 27, 2018

Integrating optical components into existing chip designs

Researchers at MIT, the University of California at Berkeley, and Boston University have developed a technique that would allow an addition of optical communication components to existing chips with little design modification.

By Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office
Energy Efficiency April 20, 2018

Improving gas turbine reliability

501F gas turbines are employed around the world to provide power and they require regular maintenance to provide continued reliability and performance and this needs to be both managed and delivered efficiently.

By Jennifer Cardillo, Sulzer