Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency February 1, 2001

‘Power management’ chip sets improve motor drive design

El Segundo, Calif.—New Accelerator architecture is said to enhance and simplify motor control circuits, whether microprocessor-based or DSP-based, by "partioning the inverter function as an intelligent power management peripheral to the motion system controller." Chip sets consist of mixed signal 0.

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Energy Efficiency August 1, 2000

Schneider buys Quantronix; joint ventures with Toshiba

Schneider Electric announced June 29 the acquisition of Quantronix Inc. (Salt Lake City, Ut.,, a 12-year-old cubing and weighing system designer and manufacturer. Terms were not disclosed. Quantronix's static or automated products use non-contact ultrasound, laser, and infrared sensing technologies.

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Energy Efficiency March 1, 2000

Many Benefits, No Magic Bus, in Networking Trenches

Is industrial Ethernet going to eat everyone's lunch? Maybe tomorrow, but not today. Though some initial Ethernet applications and solutions are underway, most users and manufacturers still seem like they're too busy enjoying the savings and efficiencies gained from adopting more established networking protocols.

By Jim Montague, Control Engineering
Energy Efficiency December 1, 1998

Users Need to Learn More about Power Management

A recent survey of Control Engineering readers about power management indicates most respondents underestimate the extent and cost of poor quality power in their plants. Of the survey respondents, 67% place the source of problems on their utility, although industry experts say two-thirds of all power problems actually originate from within a plant.

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Energy Efficiency May 1, 1998

HP Vantera Helps Companies with Deregulation

As electric utilities become deregulated or privatized, they will have a much greater need for fast and efficient access to information about their operations and how customers use their services.At the same time, deregulation will increase user awareness of the need to review and understand consumption histories, usage characteristics, and the ability to manage load curves.

Energy Efficiency January 1, 1998

Energy Management Trim Technology

Avon, Mass.—Custom engineered for severe service application, V-LOG trim provides staged pressure reductions through a series of discrete flow channels combining 90° turns with intermediate expansions and contractions within the flow passage. Energy levels are efficiently managed and dissipated during the pressure reduction process, eliminating valve problems.

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