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Courtesy: Control Engineering, CFE Media and Technology, 
Process Manufacturing March 19, 2021

Wastewater treatment reactor improves energy costs, reduces pollution

Systems featuring a 'membrane-aerated biofilm reactor' can also remove more nitrogen from treatment plant discharges have been developed by University of Michigan researchers.

By James Lynch
Image of a heterotube diode: This device contains a MoS2 semiconductor shell (blue), over the insulator hBN shell (purple), over the carbon nanotube core (green) of the heteronanotube covered with gold electrodes (yellow). Courtesy: Elizabeth Flores-Gomez Murray, Penn State
Electrical March 16, 2021

Sushi-shaped structures may lead to new miniaturized electronics

Synthesizing one-dimensional van der Waals heterostructures may lead to miniaturized electronics that are currently not possible.

By Jamie Oberdick
Courtesy: Siemens
Electrical March 16, 2021

Circuit breaker promotes automotive-plant energy efficiency

Communications and power metering capabilities built in

By Jim Sirois
Researchers have developed a data transfer system that pairs high-frequency silicon chips with a polymer cable as thin a strand of hair. Courtesy: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Info Management March 4, 2021

Data transfer system connects silicon chips

A data transfer system that pairs high-frequency silicon chips with a polymer cable as thin a strand of hair has been developed by MIT researchers.

By Daniel Ackerman
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Electrical February 18, 2021

Annual electromechanical expo theme focused on industry growth

EASA's annual convention in June 2021 in Fort Worth, Tex., will focus on the theme of “Keeping industries moving.”

By Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA)
MIT researchers are developing a superconducting nanowire, which could enable more efficient superconducting electronics. Courtesy: Christine Daniloff, MIT
Electrical February 11, 2021

Nanowire could provide a stable superconducting transistor

The cryoyton is a superconducting transistor, inspired by decades-old MIT research, which could boost quantum computers and other superconducting electronics.

By Daniel Ackerman
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Electrical February 5, 2021

Industrial electronics distributor appoints CEO

Allison Sabia, Galco Industrial Electronics president, COO, named as Galco Industrial Electronics CEO starting February 1.

By Galco Industrial Electronics
An illustration of bilayer graphene showing the characteristic Moiré pattern that results from the rotation of one layer. Courtesy: Nikhil Gerard Josephraj Kishore, Penn State University
System Integration January 20, 2021

Grant awarded to investigate acoustic graphene properties

Penn State researchers received a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to further explore the characteristics of an acoustic technology inspired by nanoscale electronics, which could improve electric conductivity.

By Gabrielle Stewart
Courtesy: Tour Group/Rice University
Electrical January 14, 2021

Metallic nanoparticles could find use in electronics, optics

Rice University scientists extended their technique to produce graphene in a flash to tailor the properties of other 2D materials, which could be used in electronics and optics.

By Mike Williams
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
Energy, Power January 14, 2021

Safer, fast-charging aqueous battery developed

A 3D zinc-manganese nano-alloy anode has been developed, resulting in a stable, high-performance aqueous battery that uses seawater as an electrolyte.

By Jeannie Kever