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System Integrators July 1, 1999

Dynapro doubles plant size

Dynapro (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) unveiled a 52,000-ft² addition to its plant here on June 17. The addition triples Dynapro's current manufacturing space, doubles warehouse space, and consolidates operations from three off-site facilities. Dynapro has increased from 30 to 240 employees over the past five years.

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System Integrators March 1, 1999

SCARA robots picked for insert molding

Systems integrator Dane Systems (Stevensville, Mich.) chose Adept Technology Inc.'s Cobra 600/800 SCARA robots on Feb. 8 as building blocks for Dane's new robotic insert mold loading system. The automated system will offer a flexible alternative to existing manual insert molding processes by automating multiple steps into one robotic process.

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System Integrators February 1, 1999

ABB helping make better paper tissue

ABB Industrial Systems integrated automation system will control a new paper mill being built by AM Paper Group in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, U.K. The mill will be the first to use Beloit's "Through Air Drying" (TAD) technology, to produce thicker, softer, more absorbent household tissue.

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System Integrators January 1, 1999

Company information all on the web

With the increasing popularity of the Internet, people are turning to the click of a mouse to find company information instead of a phone call.The best place to begin looking for the latest technology news is Control Engineering's web site at It also contains subscription information, evemts calendar, and important phone and fax numbers, in addition to the current and ...

By Lara Jackson
System Integrators January 1, 1999

Facing year 2000 with SP95 integration standard

To survive and prosper in the new millennium, manufacturers must optimize supply chains by integrating manufacturing control systems with business logistics systems. This is not an easy task because these two sectors evolved separately in most companies; they often don't understand the complete picture or each other's problems; and each uses numerous different planning, scheduling, invent...

By Dennis Brandl
System Integrators December 15, 1998

A New Name and a New Look

Welcome to the 1999 edition of Control Engineering's annual directory of automation system integrators. This year we have a new look and a new name—the Automation Integrator Guide. All the best features of the former Automation Register are still here with several improvements to better help you find the engineering services needed for your next project.

By Jane S. Gerold
System Integrators August 1, 1998

More ways to evaluate systems integrators

The article, "How to Work with a Systems Integrator," in the June issue [Control Engineering, 1998, p. 48] provides some excellent criteria to aid end-users in their evaluation and selection of a good integrator. We would suggest you add two more, based on our clients' tales of unfortunate experiences they've had with some previous integrators.

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System Integrators June 1, 1998

How to Find the Ideal System Integrator

Proliferation of low-cost, high-tech automation equipment has left some end-users in a quandary. How can they take advantage of the latest automation technology without investing their own time and effort to stay abreast of every new development? How can they benefit from all these new hardware and software products if their in-house engineering staff is already too busy to use them? More...

System Integrators March 1, 1998

Hollow-Shaft Stepper

Dover, N.H.— Eastern Air Devices new hollow-shaft stepping motor is designed to provide flexible packaging solutions for tight system integration. Available up to 5/8 in. OD, the hollow shaft allows access through the motor's central axis, which greatly increases packaging options for unique applications.

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System Integrators February 1, 1998

Omron, Kanematsu Announce CrossWorlds Software Effort

In an effort to extend its packaged integration solutions into Asia, CrossWorlds Software Inc., formerly known as CrossRoads Software, announced Jan. 21 that it has formed business partnerships with Omron Corp. and Kanematsu Corp. Both companies will be responsible for marketing and selling CrossWorlds' application integration software, or "Processware," in a rang...

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