Video: Understanding the user case for CIF

Video: Understanding the User Case for CIF

Control in the field vs. control in the host: Foundation fieldbus technology allows for both, so how do you choose? A new study offers suggestions.

If you are a Foundation fieldbus user, you know that it supports control in the field (CIF), which allows a sensor and actuator to form its own self-regulating PID loop, independent of the host control system. While the effectiveness of the approach is well documented, what user cases make it the most compelling for application?

A new study has been completed by Industrial Systems and Control, an engineering consulting group in Glasgow, Scotland, that examines how CIF operates and where it is likely to offer the greatest advantages over traditional host-based process control. In the video Dr. Andy Clegg explains the parameters of the study, and the basic findings.

His report discusses how his team carried out the independent evaluation, and the circumstances under which the high determinism of CIF can outperform conventional loops driven by a PLC or DCS.

Peter Welander, Content Manager, Control Engineering,

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