5/17/16 Webcast

Simplifying Convergence of the Industrial Network: Bridging IT and Operations

Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at 11 a.m. PT/1 p.m. CT/2 p.m. ET
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As traditional Ethernet technologies have begun to scale broadly across application using automation and controls, companies are beginning to understand the need to take a fresh look at home-grown industrial Ethernet networks. As Ethernet moves layers down into the edge of the network, it has been embedded deeply into machine and process functions, becoming a critical asset in the automation system. This opens up a new wave of innovative possibilities for plants to drive improved operations, while also requiring that the network is built in a robust manner and with the tools for proactive maintenance.

To enable plant managers and manufacturing IT teams to effectively meet this challenge, building blocks, tools, and expertise are available to simplify the deployment and maintenance of a robust industrial Ethernet network. In particular, vendor-agnostic software, such as Panduit IntraVUETM, enables IT and operations to work collaboratively to support the network infrastructure across the plant floor. By providing real-time visibility, documentation and analytics for complex automation system deployments, it’s easier and more cost-effective to design, install, and maintain an effective, future-ready plant network.

Learning Objectives:

  • Success with IoT requires IT and Operations to work collaboratively across boundaries. Tools such as IntraVUE are very helpful to both enable and promote this collaboration.
  • Creating and Maintaining Documentation of networked automation systems are notoriously difficult, but very important to managing and expanding the plant. IntraVUE can substantially improve documentation of current state on the plant floor.
  • Many plants are running blind to the health of their networked automation system. IntraVUE monitors the whole Ethernet networked automation system and performs analytics, providing a health check on the overall system while helping drive to root cause identification of common problems.

Presenter: Michael Vermeer, Product Line Manager, Panduit Corp.

Moderator: Mark T. Hoske, Content Manager and Editor for Control Engineering

Sponsored by: Panduit