5/7/15 Webcast

Anatomy of an Incident: Safety Best Practices from Lessons Learned  

Thursday, May 7, 2015 at 11 a.m. PT /1 p.m. CT/2 p.m. ET
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Safety Culture considered below standard is normally among the top causes of incidents and accidents in the industry and their consequences can range from minor to catastrophic making headlines and leading off newscasts across the globe with live coverage of a burning hulk of a facility. Much to the contrary, a strong safety culture will not only keep your plant safe and running, it will support an environment where everyone can learn from any incidents within the plant fences. 

In today’s active media environment, safety information abounds. If we consider the amount of public discussion that takes place after visible industrial accidents, regardless of the magnitude and consequences of the incidents, near-misses, minor and major incidents, it is possible to breakdown the Anatomy of an Incident. Through in-depth analysis, there are plenty of opportunities to teach and learn.

Join ABB’s Safety Expert Luis Duran and Industrial Safety and Security Source Founder  Greg Hale as they explore different industry incidents from the perspective of the contributing factors, including instrumentation, maintenance practices, economic and human factors and explores ways to learn and apply those findings to benefit industry. 

The goal of this dynamic webcast is to identify areas where recognized engineering best practices from design, implementation, operations or maintenance and technology developments can align and contribute to avoiding similar incidents in the future.

Industry needs to learn from incidents and accidents and share findings in a constructive way to build a safer community and develop proactive measures to ensure that failures do not occur and to avoid any potential catastrophe. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Safety culture and learning organizations 
  • Resources available such as Chemical Safety Board, AiChE/Center for Process Safety, trade publications and websites (Anatomy of an Incident, Industrial Safety and Security Source)
  • Areas of analysis i.e. human factors, instrumentation/technology, security, maintenance
  • Recognized and generally accepted industry best practices
  • Application of technology tools and advances to improve and prevent incidents


  • Luis Durán, Product Marketing Manager Safety Systems, ABB Process Automation Control Technologies
  • Gregory Hale, Editor and Founder of Industrial Safety and Security Source (ISSSource.com)

Sponsored by: ABB