9/30/15 Webcast

The Coming Changes to Standard Ethernet: Industrial IoT Convergence with the Control System

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 11 a.m. PT /1 p.m. CT/2 p.m. ET
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With strong investments towards “Deterministic Ethernet” and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), controls companies are working hand-in-hand with technology vendors to build deterministic real-time control platforms on open source, secure networking infrastructure. There is a high demand for a converged solution to meet the needs of existing and emerging applications. These updates to standard Ethernet will meet the needs of industrial control and measurement applications while embracing the future promise of IoT; solving the issues with interoperability while incorporating new capabilities needed in distributed systems such as improved security, addition of new measurement types, increased bandwidth, and integration of mobile and web-based devices.

This presentation will review a number of questions:

How is Ethernet evolving for the Industrial market? How will the Ethernet backbone be extended to the control system field devices? How is Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) going to impact the way these systems are built? How can TSN enable seamless convergence within control networks? How is open, non-proprietary, converged Ethernet critical to the integration of control systems into the IoT? What is the timeline for these capabilities?

This webcast looks at the redefined capabilities that will enable standard Ethernet to be used for deterministic networking. AVnu Alliance will give an overview of the open standards work within the IEEE 802.1 task force and provide a viable timeline for evolved deterministic Ethernet or TSN. The webcast will take a broad look at how AVnu Alliance is making this technology adoptable to the marketplace to create an open and interoperable ecosystem.

Learning objectives:

  • The key questions manufacturers have about evolved deterministic Ethernet and TSN for the IIoT, including the capabilities that evolved deterministic Ethernet/TSN will avail.
  • AVnu Alliance will describe a system design that depicts how TSN would be implemented and operate, including life of a packet through the network.
  • AVnu Alliance will provide an overview of how this technology can enable convergence to create seamless integration between IT and control systems.
  • Finally, AVnu Alliance will describe the need for interoperability testing and end with a viable roadmap for the open standards.


  • Todd Walter, National Instruments, AVnu Alliance Board of Directors Secretary and Industrial Segment Chair
  • Paul Didier, Cisco, AVnu Alliance Member
  • Dan Sexton, General Electric, AVnu Alliance Member

Moderator: Peter Welander, Moderator, Control Engineering

Sponsored by: AVnu Alliance