Original air date December 19, 2019

Know the facts about today’s manufacturing workforce demographics and salaries

Know the facts about today’s manufacturing workforce demographics and salaries and how to use ERP to build bridges across an ever-wider manufacturing skills gap

A widening gap exists between the manufacturing jobs enterprises need to fill and the skilled talent pool capable of filling them.
In August 2018 there were 508,000 open jobs in manufacturing, according to the 2018 Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute series on the skills gap and the future of work in manufacturing.

While retiring baby boomers are often cited as a reason for the shortfall, surveys indicate the greater culprit is a shifting skill set caused by the introduction of advanced technologies.

Surprisingly enough, it turns out the most sought-after skill is the ability to learn, whether it be about technology and computers, digitalization, programming or critical thinking more generally.

The Manufacturing Institute maintains that collaboration platforms, work-based social media, and instant messaging all can support the high-quality communication needed for higher productivity.

Today’s enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems, as the single source of truth in the manufacturing enterprise, encompasses these collaborative tools and others. It can be an important means to realize and sustain a skilled workforce.

Learn how the workforce is changing and how ERP supports collaboration and skills development.

Learning objectives:

  • How big the skills gap is today and how big it will be tomorrow.
  • How long it takes to fill engineering and skilled labor positions.
  • Median salaries of engineering and skilled labor positions.
  • How ERP supports efforts to bridge the widening skills gap.
  • An overview of demographics pertaining to today’s skilled workforce.

Presented By:
Andrew Bolivar, Director – Center of Excellence, Ultra Consultants

Moderated By:
Kevin Parker, Content Manager, CFE Media & Technology

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