Original air date August 9, 2023

How Industrial DevOps Drives IT/OT Convergence for Efficiency and Uptime

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In today’s rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape, the role of IT infrastructure in driving operational success has never been more crucial. Forwardthinking manufacturers are adopting technologies that simplify complex processes and foster seamless collaboration. Join our exclusive webinar to learn about “Industrial DevOps” and glean insights that will reshape the way you approach automation projects.

Operational teams are still stuck using errorprone, manual processes that hinder productivity, efficiency, and overall uptime. The traditional approach of developing and managing PLCs and control devices is no longer sustainable in an era where integration and streamlined workflows are paramount. Furthermore, maintaining separate technology stacks for your IT and OT teams not only creates expensive complexities but also exposes your organization to potential security risks and lengthy recovery times.

Learn how modern DevOps practices proven in the IT realm are now being harnessed to elevate industrial automation projects. By embracing Industrial DevOps, you’ll gain visibility into your PLC and control devices, enhance communication, and facilitate seamless collaboration. As a result, errors will be reduced, and productivity can be increased.

During our webinar, we’ll delve into the benefits awaiting your organization when its IT and OT teams are aligned, both in terms of source control and automatic backup of running devices.

Learning objectives:

  • Leverage your teams' expertise to drive operational efficiency
  • Eliminate the need for separate, costly, and complex IT and OT stacks
  • Streamline your OT toolchain into a single, manageable system
  • Implement coherent Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that align with software development best practices
  • Fortify security by adopting storage methodologies from proven IT best practices
  • Discover the tangible solutions that can standardize and streamline your automation projects. By aligning your teams and maximizing operational efficiency, you'll not only propel your organization forward but also gain a competitive edge in an economy poised for significant growth.

Presented By:
Derek Gregg, VP of Sales, Copia Automation

Moderated By:
David Miller, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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