Original air date November 30, 2021

How private networks are accelerating oil and gas efficiency


According to McKinsey, the use of advanced connectivity to optimize Oil and Gas drilling and production throughput, and improve maintenance and field operations, could add up to $250 billion of value to upstream operations by 2030.

Key to the industry’s journey to digitalization is last-mile or wireless connectivity. In fact, upstream, midstream and downstream Oil and Gas sectors are increasingly looking to private 4G and 5G networks as the standard for more advanced wireless data transmission to drive efficient operations, provide workforce safety and enhance environmental sustainability.

In this webcast, we will hear from Ericsson and Tampnet, as they describe the use cases they are examining in the Oil and Gas industry and the need for reliable, secure and efficient wireless communications. Ericsson is the market leader in global 4G and 5G network infrastructure around the globe, unlocking the full value of connectivity to serve people, businesses and societies at large. Tampnet runs the largest offshore high-capacity communications network in the world, serving companies in various industries such as Oil and Gas, and Wind, as well as retail use cases like cruise ship roaming.

We’ll also examine how forward-looking use cases such as edge compute, machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies are contributing to Oil and Gas to unlock new cost savings and opportunities, as well as the industry context in which last-mile connectivity is being deployed.

Join us as we explore real-world use cases and their impact across Oil and Gas sectors.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how private networks provide the capacity and flexibility to cope with evolved network services.
  • Learn why remote monitoring of tanks and industrial equipment in the midstream and downstream sectors comprise the most common uses for wireless solutions in the oil and gas industry.
  • Learn how to capitalize on the insights you already have to dramatically improve their efficiency.

Presented By:
Viren Parikh, Director of Business Development, Ericsson
Frode Støldal, Chief Digital Officer, Tampnet

Moderated By:
Kevin Parker, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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