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Original air date September 12, 2019

How to execute a successful IoT project

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There’s no argument that the promise of the IoT is immense. With the number of connected assets growing rapidly, the business press is full of successful IoT projects that produce value. But a lack of experience and expertise by implementers, misalignment on goals, and the resulting problems with time-to-completion and budget overruns can make these projects daunting.

So how can you effectively manage risk to reap the promised rewards? Learn from someone who has done it.
Join us for this Control Engineering webcast and hear from Michael Ottoman, VP of Digital Solutions at Optimal Design Company, as he shares real-world insights on how to avoid the pitfalls of running an IoT project.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn best practices for organizing and executing a cross-functional IoT project
  • Understand how to define the key business and technology drivers up front to ensure success
  • Learn from Optimal Design’s practical experience so you can make your IoT business case a reality

Presented By:
Michael Ottoman, Vice President of Digital Solutions, Optimal Design

Moderated By:
Mark Hoske, Content Manager, CFE Media & Technology

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