Original air date August 27, 2020

IIoT Edge/Cloud series, Part 3: Edge, Fog and Cloud

One (1) Certified Professional Development Hour (PDH) available for all attendees.

We’re at the point where the basic definitions and distinctions associated with edge, fog and cloud are generally known to the engineering community.

It’s now time to drill down into the details. In this webcast, we’ll do just that.

Ed Kuzemchak, CTO of Software Design Solutions, will discuss:

  • How low-power hardware and software techniques can balance the edge-processing burden, to achieve a necessary tradeoff with battery life.
  • Devices that sleep on almost no current and software techniques to improve the power efficiency of edge processing.
  • Recent advances in low-cost cellular technologies like LTE Cat-M1 and NB-IoT, which offer direct connectivity from edge devices to the cloud using MQTT direct from the edge node.
  • The tradeoffs involved in “cutting out the middleman” of gateways, and what it means to no longer have that convenient place to perform fog processing.

In addition, we’ll be joined by Arlen Nipper, co-developer of the MQTT protocol, who will discuss why the protocol has proved so popular and how the technology remains flexible, even as enhanced security and further capabilities become available for it.

Learning objectives:

  • How process designers are tackling challenges related to edge computing
  • Tips on how to make cloud and edge efficient
  • Learn the continuing role of gateways in IIoT
  • Explore the latest on the MQTT protocol

Presented By:
Ed Kuzemchak, CTO and Director of IoT and Embedded Systems Engineering, Software Design Solutions
Arlen Nipper, President and CTO, Cirrus Link

Moderated By:
Kevin Parker, Content Manager, CFE Media & Technology

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