Original air date November 29, 2018

Maximizing Profit with Multi-Period Refinery Blending

Today’s refineries are faced with various challenges when it comes to blending, while striving to maximize margins and meet market and regulatory requirements such as IMO 2020. During this 60-minute presentation, you will learn about how multi-period, non-linear blending helps refiners reduce quality giveaway and increase profitability. Register today to find out how to successfully overcome blending challenges.

Sponsored by: AspenTech

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the market factors impacting product blending
  • Understand the business challenges and financial opportunities of refinery product blending
  • Understand the basics of how AspenTech solves these problems to create significant differentiated value.

Presented By:
Dimitrios Varvarezos, Senior Director, R&D, Aspentech

Moderated By:
Kevin Parker, Senior Contributing Editor, Oil & Gas Engineering