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Original air date September 26, 2019

Open-source, Time-Series Database Supports Edge Computing Solution

Condition monitoring, seamless connectivity drive operations efficiency

Attendees are eligible for a certificate of completion.

A major military and aerospace contractor operating globally uses a small cell edge server to connect existing software, equipment and systems securely, seamlessly and cost-effectively. Using an open-source, time-series database the company extracts real-time operational data from its materials testing chamber, streaming this real-time data to drive efficiency by enabling predictive maintenance.

In this webinar, Chris Montague, senior solutions architect, IoT Solutions and Technology, at ADLINK, shares the challenges met and the benefits gained, including reduced downtime from planned and unplanned maintenance shutdowns, better machine performance, higher accuracy and reduced costs.

Montague will explain how ADLINK Edge and Influx DB work together in a highly effective Edge IoT deployment that delivers operational efficiency to motivated end users.

Chris Montague is an experienced IoT professional working closely with ADLINK’s industrial customers, enabling them to optimize operational efficiency by connecting the unconnected and streaming data from the edge to anywhere.

Learning objectives:

  • Extract real-time data to enable predictive maintenance
  • Reduce cost of planned and unplanning downtime
  • Monitor machine performance for accurate diagnostics
  • Enable training of engineers to maintain machines

Presented By:
Chris Montague, Senior Solutions Architect, IoT Solutions and Technology, ADLINK

Moderated By:
Kevin Parker, moderator & content manager, CFE Media & Technology

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