Original air date November 30, 2022

Resiliency in the Age of Disruption: What Manufacturers Should Know


Traditional manufacturing systems are disconnected. In a recent digital transformation survey by Forbes, only 18% of companies rate their use of digital technology as “very effective.” In comparison, 70% of companies fail to reach their digital transformation goal.

Whether you have remained in a paper-based operation or adopted expensive digital tools like an MES, the joint pain point has not changed. Manufacturing processes are inherently complex and often cannot be form-fitted into the rigid configuration requirements of typical MES ERP systems, and one-off point solutions. This disconnection breeds inefficiency, and inflexibility, and lags in decision-making.

In these uncertain times where profit margins matter most and customer demands are becoming more unpredictable, your manufacturing operations need to be resilient. That starts with making your most important asset at the center of your processes and production: your frontline workers

Join industry veterans Russ Waddell and Tim Reblitz from Tulip as they make the case for connected, augmented operations – and how to get there with the right approach and technology.

They will discuss:

  • The common pitfalls of traditional MES and point solutions
  • Why these systems have consistently failed manufacturers despite significant technological developments in the last decade
  • Solutions to the most enduring challenges in manufacturing
  • How you can start building connected operations, that drive continuous improvement and brings faster time-to-value and ROI, beginning today
We finally have the possibility to provide industrial engineers at the frontline with real-time data on their processes, machines, workers, and much more. Join our webinar to hear about this, and how frontline workers, even those at the bottom of corporate hierarchies, can be empowered, too.

Presented By:
Russ Waddell, Community Lead, Tulip
Tim Reblitz, Solutions Lead, Tulip

Moderated By:
Kevin Parker, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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