Original air date December 13, 2023

Secure Remote Access: 5 New Ways to Close the Identity Gap in OT

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Cyberattacks on manufacturing and operational technology (OT) systems are on the rise. In fact, almost 25% of all cyberattacks in 2022 were carried out against manufacturing. So how are threat actors accessing these systems? Stolen credentials or compromised remote access tools are used in nearly every OT breach. But the need for employee and third-party remote access to critical machines has never been higher.

In this highly interactive webcast and demonstration, Jeff McDaniel, principal security engineer with Airgap, will show how easy it is to close the gap between access and identity for OT.  You will come away from this practical webcast with insights on:

Learning objectives:

  • Learn why existing agent-based architectures struggle with OT access
  • Understand how to quickly extend multifactor authentication (MFA) to legacy devices and headless machines
  • Learn how to provide secure remote access without adding attack surface
  • Get a security quick win – eliminate legacy jump host complexity and cost
  • Gain a blueprint for integrating OT secure access into your larger security stack

Presented By:
Jeff McDaniel, Principal Security Engineer, Airgap Networks
Ritesh Agrawal, Co-Founder and CEO, Airgap Networks

Moderated By:
Gary Cohen, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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