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Original air date July 31, 2019

The ROI of Collaborative Robots

Attendees are eligible for a certificate of completion.

In this webinar you will learn details on how collaborative robots, or cobots, can be deployed to achieve ROIs in a fraction of the time compared to traditional automation. Cobots are easy to program, lightweight and flexible, and safe to work around. This new class of robots are changing the game for automating what are traditionally very difficult tasks. Compelling reasons to explore automation with cobots include labor shortage, quality issues, increase in growth or production, and high mix/low volume challenges.

Our webinar will open with a general cobot overview then drill down into how this new class of robots – now the fastest growing segment in industrial automation – is used to increase businesses ROI. Through hands-on examples documented in case studies and video, this webinar will cover insightful deployments as well as specific application challenges and solutions.

Learning objectives:

  • Review what defines collaborative robotics
  • Discover time savings in deploying collaborative robots compared to traditional robots
  • See case study examples of collaborative robotic deployment
  • Learn about application challenges and resolutions.

Presented By:
Early Ewing, UR+ Product Manager – Americas, Universal Robots USA, Inc.

Moderated By:
Mark T. Hoske, moderator and content manager, CFE Media & Technology

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