Original air date January 30, 2019

The role of cloud ERP in enterprise optimization

We’ll explore five avenues to productivity gain in manufacturing and the supply chain.

This webcast will include a software demo on the productive use of dashboards, workflows and key performance indicators.

Because even small-to-midsize manufacturers and distributors today need industry-specific, customer-centric and global capabilities, this webcast presentation and panel discussion will include the following:

  1. Implementations – What is a stepped approach to manufacturing-centric functionality? What’s too much and what’s too little?
  2. Customization – Do I need international fiscal, multi-level company structures, and global supply chain functionality?
  3. Best practices –What is a two-tier ERP strategy? What’s best for my customers and supply chain?
  4. IT infrastructure – Many companies today are burdened by complex and inflexible IT systems which are the product of mergers, restructuring, and tactical investments. Is a SaaS-based solution the answer? Why should I care where the data center is?
  5. Digital transformation – How does ERP fit in a world of the Industrial Internet of Things, analytics, and artificial intelligence?

Presented By:
Eric Kimberling, CEO and Founder, Third Stage Consulting Group
Chris Devault, Manager of Software Selection, Panorama Consulting Solutions

Moderated By:
Kevin Parker, Senior Contributing Editor, Oil & Gas Engineering

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