Original air date June 19, 2019

Sustaining Advanced Process Control Performance and Benefits

Operation and maintenance of an Advanced Process Control (APC) application can be complex and understood by few. The profitability of a successful APC implementation, however, is understood by all. Money talks – but how do you translate APC performance into dollar signs? 

Honeywell’s answer is Profit Performance Monitor – a cloud-based APC monitoring solution that enables operations, process engineering, process automation and management to understand what is limiting your process from achieving peak performance. It improves collaboration across extended groups of APC stakeholders to proactively identify degradation and provides expert guidance to maintain unit profitability. 

Learning objectives:

  • What are the typical causes and economic impacts of APC performance degradation?
  • How can the impacts of APC performance be communicated to a larger audience at the plant?
  • How are cloud technologies being leveraged in the APC space?

Presented By:
Gary Jubien, Product Line Leader, Honeywell Process Solutions

Moderated By:
Kevin Parker, Senior Contributing Editor, CFE Media


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