Original air date June 15, 2022

Truly Open and Secure Machine Control

7 Steps to a Modern, Flexible and Secure Machine Control Design


Staffing shortages, supply chain issues and ever-increasing cybersecurity incidents have changed the face of production across nearly every industry. Whether they are machine builders creating the newest technologies or end users upgrading existing process equipment, companies are finding traditional design principles and products no longer meet the flexibility, efficiency and security needs of today’s global marketplace. As OEMs and project teams look for new control solutions to address these needs, they must wade through a variety of options.

In this webcast, Darrell Halterman, director of PACSystems Controllers at Emerson, will share strategies for pursuing flexibility, open communication and defense-in-depth in automation design to help harness best-in-breed control technologies to gain a competitive advantage in the future of production.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand why traditional design philosophies and tools will not meet the modern challenges around staffing, supply chain issues and cybersecurity
  • Learn how open communication improves productivity—enabling you the flexibility to use a wide variety of equipment in your design
  • Identify key capabilities in a new control solution to address the full scope of cybersecurity risks while unlocking flexibility in component selection
  • Understand ways and tools to make personnel more efficient at their jobs so you can accomplish more with existing staff (or even less)

Presented By:
Darrell Halterman, Director, PACSystems Controllers, Emerson

Moderated By:
Mark Hoske, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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