What are discrete sensors? What is machine vision?

Discrete sensors measure presence, proximity, distance, vibration, direction, motion, and other parameters and often are named by function or technology, such as proximity sensor or laser sensor. Machine vision is a type of device that uses sensors and software to see, collecting measurements, analyzing inputs and recording or deciding based on the measurement (most simply, pass or fail, in a quality inspection application), often triggering an actuator to reject a faulty part.
Sensors, Vision January 11, 2020

Critical sensor applications: Diagnostics or redundancy?

Using sensors in age of smart devices and systems require more knowledge about sensor system design to ensure reliability and accuracy in critical automation applications. See three key trends in sensor engineering and design.

By Shashidhara Dongre
Sensors, Vision December 6, 2018

What is machine vision, and how can it help?

Understanding how machine vision works will help you see if machine vision will clear up specific application difficulties in manufacturing or processing.

By Frank Lamb
Sensors, Actuators June 14, 2018

Tips on sensor selection

Many types of sensors are available to manufacturers, and knowledge about the application type and basic operation conditioning requirements can create a more informed and accurate sensor selection choices for factory automation and machine control. How to find sensors, operating requirements, sensor explanations are provided.

By Sandro Quintero, Festo
Sensors, Vision June 7, 2018

Discrete Sensors 101: Sensor types and best practices

Measuring success: Understand which type of discrete sensors to use for what applications, terminology, and tips.

By Jon Breen, Breen Machine Automation Services LLC
Sensors, Actuators November 30, 2017

Picking the right discrete sensor for a machine application

There are many considerations for picking a discrete sensor for a machine application. These include if the sensor is being used for position detection or part detection or if the application is hazardous. See four factors for industrial sensor specification.

By Frank Lamb, Automation Consulting LLC